Our allmetal catalysts are well accepted by our customers due to their good performance and efficiency as it is important that the wire enamelling machines operate as long as possible with a low emission output and energy consumption.

Responsible for a good performance of the catalyst is mostly the precious metal coat. For that reason we use a Platinum-Palladium coat to assure a good oxidation as well as a long operation period.

The metal material, in the form of flat wire, is composed of Nickel, Chrome, Iron and Aluminum compounds making it suitable for continious operation at temperature higher than 750°C. These alloys are characterized by good strength and allow use in continuous operation up to over 750 °C.

The activation coating, which is a Platinum group material, is applied to the base metal by means of electrolysis.

The finished product is formed into compact units of wire matting and mounted into high grade steel frames, making installation into enviromental purification systems easy.